Capstone project – Chocolate

Capstone – Chocolate


Capstone project- Chocolate

Vancouver community college
Baking& Pastry Art Program



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Welcome to my research, chocolate is most popular sweet around the world. Each year million ton has been consumed. Chocolate is the symbol of happiness and love, it consumed by us to pleasure our friends and family. Since the first time I made chocolate product in the lab, I am fall in love with it. In this research I will dig deeper of chocolate. Let’s begin our journey with tempting chocolate.


  1. History

      2.How to get chocolate from cocoa bean?

  1. Types of chocolate
  2. Health benefits
  3. How to make beautiful chocolate product?
  4. Famous chocolate shop in the Vancouver



  1. History

According to the article, the chocolate history star with 4000 years ago.


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At Maya, and Aztecs, pre-Columbian civilization has one popular drink call “cacaua atl”, it mean cocoa drink. It made from the cocoa bean, mix with chili pepper, corn, vanilla, and alcohol serve warm. At this time people drink it for medical, and ceremony reason, also it symbolize as power. The cocoa bean are like currency. For example, 1 cocoa bean= 1 large tomato, 3 cocoa bean= 1 turkey egg, 100 cocoa bean= 1 good turkey.


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As the Spanish army conquering this continent, they brought the cocoa bean to their home in 1528. However , the spicy was replace with sugar or honey as a sweet beverage in this time period. This beverage is expensive drink only minority people could enjoy it. As the international trade was growing on 1606-1659, the chocolate drink start show on Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France Royal party.

In the 1728 the first chocolate factory born in the UK, it only has few equipments to grinding the cocoa bean. At same time the international cocoa bean requirement increase direct cause thousand people was salve to product  cocoa bean.

In the 1828 Dutchman Coenraad Van Houten was successfully separate cocoa solid from cocoa butter. The milk chocolate was create by Swiss Daniel Peter in the 1875. Due to the cocoa and sugar price drop the majority people could afford chocolate in the 1900.

In the next hundred year, the chocolate industry growing rapidly. In the 1910, the Canadian Arthur Ganong create the first  nickel chocolate bar.


Chocolate today:

Around world the chocolate products with thousand forms waiting customers to consume. Each year more than 3 million ton chocolate being consume.

  1. How we get chocolate from cocoa bean


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Those pictures show us the chocolate from cocoa tree and what it is inside cocoa bean. It growing with hot near the Equator. Almost 70% cocoa bean harvest in the west Africa. Cocoa tree harvest not depend season, In some countries cocoa bean can be harvest with several time in a year. However, there is six basic step to process the chocolate we saw every day.

  1. Take out cocoa bean from shell and cover with banana leave ferment and drying for 6-7 days. After this step the cocoa bean will be transport to the factories.
  2. In order to gain the complex favour in the cocoa bean, and eliminate the acidic compounds, the cocoa beans have to be roasted.
  3. Separate the shell with valuable nibs call cracking or winnowing
  4. Regrind nibs into very fine texture to create good months feeling.
  5. In this step, cocoa bean turn to liquor “conched”


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  1. The last steps is temper chocolate, this is the chocolate show the true beauty.
  2. After temper you could make the any chocolate products you like.



  1. Types of chocolatechocolate_types1

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  1. Milk chocolate: It is one kind of sweet chocolate which contain about more than 12% milk solid and 20% cocoa solid. It is normally use for coating chocolate.
  2. Dark chocolate: It is contain high cocoa solid may or may not have milk contain. Depend on sugar amount dark chocolate could be separate with few categories.

Sweet chocolate: Lower chocolate liquor with higher sugar contain. Due to the higher sugar contain, It mainly use for cheap candy.

Bitter sweet: Contain 35%- 65% chocolate liquor. It is mainly use for expensive chocolate products.

Semisweet: Contain 65%- 85% chocolate liquor. Due to the high chocolate liquor contain, it is used for high level chocolate products.

  1. Coating chocolate: Use other fat to replace the cocoa fat. It do not require temper, usually it use for cookies and cake coating.
  2. Cocoa butter= cocoa fat
  3. White chocolate: NO cocoa solid contain made with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solid.


  1. Health benefits

 Health benefits of Chocolate-03

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  1. Improve your mood

The study show, people who eat chocolate has better performing on their task compare those who didn’t eat chocolate. This because chocolate melt in your mouths create endorphins make you brain feel happy.


  1. Make you eat less

Eat before lunch piece chocolate make you feel full quickly. There is one research distribute 100g dark or milk chocolate to the participants before the lunch. The participants all eat less than normal.



  1. Reduce heart disease occur chance

In the cocoa beans have found antioxidant will repair damage cell in the heart disease.


  1. May reduce risk of diabetes

“Chocolate consumption can reduced insulin resistance and improved liver enzyme levels. Prof.Stranges and colleagues say their findings suggest that chocolate consumption may reduce the risk of developing cardiometabolic disorders by improving liver enzyme levels and protecting against insulin resistance”.

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  1. Make you feeling more love

Scientists research in Cambridge University show, people eat chocolate will create very good feeling. They said this feeling even more happy listening music, winning the lottery. The chocolate just taste so good=love.


Anyway, enjoy your chocolate….


  1. How to make beautiful chocolate product?

Let’s learn how to reveal the true beauty. First at all, we have to melt chocolate with double boiler. Until the chocolate is liquefied, we could start next step. Second step is temper chocolate. There are three methods to temper chocolate.


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  1. Tablage: after chocolate is melt, take off from boiler and pour 2/3 chocolate into marble slab. Hold on metal a scraper with left hand, right hand with spatula, spread chocolate and quick scraper back. After few time the chocolate is cool, we can take chocolate back to the bowl. Now we may need to reheat to 29°c-32°c


  1. Seeding: 1. Cut the chocolate into fine pieces and melt with double water bath. 2.Cut some fine shavings from chocolate. 3. Take out 1 from water bath and add fine shavings until reach popper temperature. Remember don’ t add chocolate shaving too fast at step 2.

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  1. Microwave this is most easy way to temper chocolate. Take some chocolate microwave carefully. If microwave too long chocolate will burn. Most safe way is 20 second by 20 second microwave it.


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After chocolate is temper we could start make our chocolate art pieces.

Most of chocolate art need to work mould chocolate first.

The first step make sure the mould is clean. If you need, you could spray color cocoa butter (32°c) with mould. Then we need temper chocolate.

Next step is pour the temper chocolate into mould and scrape extra chocolate.

pour chocolate into molds

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Now we need bang the mould to take off air bubbles inside mould.


If you have filling need to make, pour the chocolate into the bowl just leave thin layer in the mould. Now is the time make filing while keep mould chocolate in the fridge. After you finish with filing pip into the mould. Let filling crystallize over night. Next day, use the temper chocolate cover the bottom of chocolate mould.

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  1. Famous chocolate shop in the Vancouver


  1. Thomas Hans fine chocolate shop

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  1. Chocolate Art


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3.Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe


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In the past three weeks I studied small desserts in the Lab, it was like “fun trip” to me. Now I know the reason why people love French pastry. The desserts all gorgeous looking and wonderful taste in the presentation. Making desserts is challenge to me in the first please. It is not easy job to complete a perfect “baby”, you must put a lots extra care to finish it. There is lots components like jelly roll Sponge, Butter cream, Ganche, Whipping Cream, each ingredient have their own characteristic. when I assembled these components into a dessert. The first thing come to my mind is out looking. How to attract customer’s eyes. The dessert I choose to make are two cute cartoon face. I have no idea what to make in the first please. When I searched online the small chicken face show on my screen. The chicken is so lovely, I can’t not looking it. Nest day, I tried to make it. That turn out not hard as I thought. I choose mango favour of my cake, because mango is my one of favour fruits. Then I use mango gelee to be my second layer. Then I use the white chocolate mousse to surround gelee and core. The outside layer is white chocolate shiny glaze. The chesses cake I use smaller tart fill with raspberry jam and cream cheese. The top decorate with raspberry puree and little bit marzipan. The reason I choose chesses and raspberry jam to be my tart filling is the two ingredients to really good taste for me. I would like more people to taste.        There is two things  I learn during the process. The first key is colors, use contrary color to create different outcome. Second is use like nuts or chocolates, any others ingredients create different favor profile.There is one principle of making desserts. The cake is better sever with no more than 3 kind of favors. Over all the desserts making is really fun experience.

In my coasting most expensive is labor, I think I need really working on my speed to decrease my cost. Otherwise my work will nobody can “afford”. In these presentation when classmates taste my cake someone say to sweet and not  much mongo taste in my mango chesses cake. I need use less sugar and more mango favor. The result of chesses cake just few people like these combinations.  Maybe I can put some nuts flour in the tart shell to cut down the sweet. For example like sesame or pistachio. Anyway there is lot things wait for me to discover in these area.

Reflection of Seasonal Cake Assignment

IMG_2304[1]In this reflection I will discuss what I learned in the past few weeks. During the past weeks I have studied French pastries ,cakes, and slices. Through learning those pastries make me move forward to my dream.

First, the reason I choice lemon poppy seeds cake is I was drawn by the color when I search online picture. The photo look clean and simple, perhaps because I didn’t see a sun for long time. Other reason is orange and poppy seeds represent spring. The cake produces isn’t too hard to figure out. The recipes I modify with school recipe. There is one things I forgot when I building 3 layers cake. “evenness” The second layer I missed orange slices to building the whole cake. Unfortunate I waste a hour to fix this problem after I realized my fault. Then I know my time is running out, I couldn’t mask the cake very well with whipped cream. Other than that my cake turn out is great. If there is time I would like to change second layer mousse instead of same one. In this way to enhance more mouth felling. There are problems after I finished cost sheet. When I finished budget costing sheet, I found out the total cost of the cake is the three time of selling price. The most expensive one is the labour. The gelatine is second expensive one. If I want to make profits on those cake. I really need to increase my speed. I think the price sheet we use is not very accurate. Because it is last year prices, the ingredients cost more money than last year. Overall the cake design assignment inspire my creativity, and practical experiences. The most enjoy moment for me was to watching and tasting 12 different style cakes, It is really open my “vision”. The more I learned in the pastries the more Love this industry. I know I still have much more to learn in this area.

Reflection- Catering & special orders

  1. Post a reflection on your time spent in this course. Consider the following (but also add your own critical reflection):
  2. How have the last weeks of catering helped you prepare for going to work experience?
  3. What did you learn? (from a practical experience and a personal level)
  4. Were there challenges and how did you address them?
  5. Comment on the ITA: Did you feel you were prepared and if not what could you have done differently? Other suggestions and tips you would give future students and what you found helpful?
  6. How do you feel about the Capstone project at this point? Do you think you will finish on time?  If you run into any problems where can you get help?
  7. Do you think you are prepared for work experience, if not what do you think you need to work on? What do you look forward to in your Work Experience?

Reflection- Catering & special orders

  Throughout the catering course I have encountered many opportunities to explore dipper in professional way. During the course I did a lot of mistakes with each station. Those mistakes help me realized where is my problems, and how I am to be better in the future. However, in this reflection I will focus to answer the questions from above.

To begin with, there is four stations I have engaged with different classmates in order to explore more knowledge. In those stations we have random order with each day.(1): It provides actual bakery experience to me. Each day, I have to flexible change my production, finished my order on time, order the for next day, make sure the order product in a good condition and etc. In the cake group, I thought I just have to finish one cake at once. After the instructor told me I have able to finish two cakes in the short time. Then I complete my job although take me little bite longer than usual.  Also, in the bread station, I have to adjust my production accordingly. When I over bake the peanut butter and oat chocolate cookies. I have to make some time to redo it. (2):During the last four weeks, I made a lot of mistakes that guided me narrow my problems, and how I can improve. Honestly, I need more focus on detail and time management.  For example, I suppose make half recipe of ingredients with Rye (no sour) but I scale the full recipe water to the mix. After I realize the problem, I scale another half dry ingredient mix into batter. Because that I took longer time to make and proofer the dough, and the bread didn’t finish on time. In the barista station, I cut the rubbers and strawberries too small that cause the water comes out too much. That result the rubber strawberry muffins still moist inside after long time baking. Also, the blueberry loaves mix too long at last step which cause the batter blue color. (3): My biggest challenge is nervous and designs a cake.  I have been nervous for a long time in this course. Now I realize that because I am careless my body.  I adjust my schedule and eating habits with last few weeks. The cake masking is and design always difficult for me.  When I need making the cake, I take long time to study the making steps. After finish the watching I draw the picture and writing down the each procedures to enhance the confident for myself.  Also, I have communicated with instructor to adjust my recipe. From the online video, the minion cake needs some black color for, minion’s hand, shoes and pocket. The Instructor suggests me using the coating chocolate to make them.  The reasons is black color is difficult to make and have bitter taste.  Although my minion take me long time to make. I am proud with the cake complete with cute design. To conclusion, the catering course provides me a chance to review the knowledge I learned before. Also I found out the stone which block my professional path. To be a professional baker, I still have long way to walk. I will do my best to pursue my goals.

(4): Before the ITA, I have prepared lot time to reading and practice Moodle. But the some knowledge I didn’t include in my review. That why fail the pass this test. I will prepare more before next test.(Suggestions):In the order to past the ITA test you have to star review as early you can.  Make sure you review the lot knowledge and understand fully.

(5): The capstone project is a good way to show the student’s passion and learning abilities. It provides a chance allow the student explore in their interesting area. My capstone project will be finish in time. Although my capstone still have some things need to working with. If  there is some questions I could though the email ask instructor or go to learning center.

(6): Throughout study Artisan baking& pastry program eight months I have grained plentiful skills and knowledge. For example, I have understand the baking ingredients, equipments, principle of making methods, and etc…… I am grateful the instructor always help me to the right path. That is main reason that I am well prepare  for this hard  mission. With my work experience, I expect to enhance my skills, knowledge, communication and self awareness. I will keep doing my best to anything.

Reflection of field trip


In this reflection, I will introduce what I learning with field trip at today. Also, I explain more on how this valueable to our knowledge on school study and why.

There are 2 places we went today; one is the Vanderpol Eggs Ltd, other one is Rogers’s mill. In the Vanderpol Eggs Company we saw the every procedures to process the eggs. The company has different sections to produce the verities products of egg. For example, cooked eggs, vinegar eggs, liquid eggs, and even egg shell being utilize. They are classifying total 12 grades with raw egg. Anyway, the best raw egg is when you crack them into pan or bawl, the egg yolk and white won’t spread at all. However, I notice they have pretty strictpolicy with temperature and environmentcontrol. Whatever section we went, the first thing we did is washing our hand, and the machine will sanitize the floor, and the whole factory is cold. Also, once the eggs being cooked in the produce line it will be transport to cold water in the order to increase their shell life. All the liquid egg must be pasteurizing before packed. This produce means the eggs stay high temperature in the short amount time. The purpose of this produce is to killed harmful bacteria inside eggs. In the liquid eggs product line they are produce about 1million eggs per day. The other thing I learned is government has severe policy for Egg Company. The government will sent health inspector regularly with every month. Also the company cannot get egg direct from farmer. They are must get eggs from other company.However, it is great experience in the Vanderpol Eggs Company.

In the Rogers mill factory, we have a great opportunity to see how the grain to be process into the flours. The mill is fully machinery product line from the mill to pack. We know the grain mainly have 3 different parts which is bran, endosperm and germ. Basically, the machines separate the each part grain in the order to make different kind of flour. For instance the bread flour has more protein contain that require large amount endosperm part of grain. The other example is wheat flour need least 75% brain contains.  The mill total have 5 floors, each floor have different type machines for different functions. From what I thought is like large grater to identify the different part of grain. They also have a lab to test their flour have the same quality with before.  The climate has a lot effect to flour they produce. For example, the rainy day longer will produce higher moisture contain of the grain. This will cause the grain easy turn to bad during the transport. I also learned they are though adding different amount  additive( acid) and moisture accordingly to make sure the same quality. Furthermore, there are 3 definitions of good grain with famer, baker, and company. The famer looking weight, baker are need stronger gluten, company seek quality more than quantity. There is other interesting thing  according  the  question they explain the dough centre temperature relate to the bread crumb structure. The dough should not be to cold before baking. Otherwise the dough will have a gap or not proper rising. I hope we have more chance like today to learn more about ingredients.

In conclusion, flours and eggs is a baker need to dealing every day. It is important to know how they are produced by manufactures. Though learn those knowledge enhance the vision  of ingredients. It is like open other secret door in front us. It  also show us the different area people’s thought. This field trip provide better chance to learned dipper of our daily ingredients.

Gluten Free course

Vancouver community college


       During the gluten free course I understand more dipper knowledge of pastries and breads. In this assignment I will unfold what I learned in the past one week. To begin with my experiment on this course. I tried two experiments in this course. The succeed is gluten free Apple Cinnamon muffin. The batter of gluten free croissant is  to runny after I tested. Both recipes are from online research.

Gluten Free-Apple cinnamon muffins

Recipe: makes 8 muffins

Ingredients Baker  % Gram
Almond flour 100% 234
Salt 2% 5
Cinnamon powder 4% 10
Nutmeg powder 1% 3
Ginger powder 2% 5
Baking powder 4% 10
Eggs 51% 120
Walnuts – chopped 22% 50
Apples 42% 100
Honey 22% 50
Milk 34% 80


Mixing method is combine the dry ingredients first then gradually add liquid ingredients.

Bake at 180°c 15 – 20 minutes

Regular recipe I modified from gluten free recipe. I change the almond flour into 200g and 30 bread flour. In the order to increase the moisture in the batter    I added 80g milk in the both recipes instead of coconut oil. Also, I decide put apple slices on the top of the muffins to make up them. Next, I would like to discuss the ingredient’s  function and predate taste of my Apple Cinnamon Muffins.

Coconut flour, bread flour, cake flour, egg Structure
Honey, milk egg, Moisture and nutrition volume
Cinnamon powder, Nutmeg powder, Ginger powder Spicy
Baking powder Livener
Salt, apple Favour

The products should be sweet and taste spicy. The appreances should be like muffins look.

Outcome of gluten free apple cinnamon muffin and regular. The left side is gluten free muffin, right side is regular.


Taste of both muffin:

Regular: dry , dense and not stweet, too much spicy

Gluten free: sweet, moist also spicy

All my classmates like gluten free muffins include me.

Nest time I will delate nutem pwoder and reduce the ginger powder. Also, add more 30g honey and 10g milk to increase the moisture and sweetness on the regular muffin. Also, the instructor suggest me chop the apple add in the muffin to increse the favor.

To summary, the reason I did this recipe is I like to eat apple kind of things.  I want to experience the result of this recipe. The result of gluten free apple cinnamon muffins are really. It taste moist and favourful. I could taste almond and coconut favor conbine with all kind of spicy. Next time I will ajust spicy in this recipe will be really good. The regular recipe don’t have enough moist and sugar in the batter. I need work on two way next time. During the dough making, I relize the batter lack of moister. I decide to add 40g milk, it still look kind of dry. Then I add another 40g of milk in it. The outcome of regular recipe not what I think before Another unexpected is gluten free croissant recipe. The recipe said the dough is kind of ruuy. When I made that dough is like muffin batter. I thought I miss some ingredient in the recipe. After I come home I reread three time of this recipe. I didn’t miss ingredients in this recipe. I have to experiment to know the true. In this experiments, I need more attention on the detial. I will continue to work hard on that way.

During the gluten free week, I experiencing different ingredients like brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, cocont flour, tapioca flour…… I made gluten free cake, cookies, muffins and pizza. Thought learning that, I notice there is much more knowledge exist “outside box”. Right now, I have dipper knowledge of gluten free products. To make gluten free product should be replace with non- gluten flour with 2 kind starch, and some kind of blinder to make best product. I really enjoy to explore gluten free products in this week. I will keep explore more knowledge of this area.

Gluten Free Research Assignment

Gluten Free Course

Vancouver Community College


                  Gluten Free Research Assignment

  1. 1. Research 5 ingredients used in gluten free baking, describe their functions and how they can be substituted from a “regular / wheat” recipe. Provide examples of the products where these ingredients are used.

In this research I will I introduce 5 ingredients which are often used in gluten free recipe. How the ingredients work in the recipe. Also I would like to discuss 5 websites I found on the internet. The information will be follow.

  1. Rice flour: It is flour made from ground rice. It is very commonly used ingluten free baked goods to give them structure and sandy texture.  when you using the rice flour in the dough, it will be dense after baked. Rice flour usually replace wheat flour, pastry flour and wheat flour.

Example: Gluten Free Carrot Cake

RECIPE RETRIEVED FROM:                              09/21/2015

  1. Corn flour: It made from grinding the corn meal which a is pure gluten free ingredient. It is usually used as a filler, binder and thickener in cookie, pastry. They usually combine with rice flour and tapioca flour to replace wheat flour in the recipe.

Example: Banana Pancake


This recipe corn flour replace bread flour to hold ingredients together.

  1. Tapioca flour: Tapioca flour is made from the root of the cassava plant. It is a thicker, a stabilizer. It often combine with other flour to replace bread flour, pastry flour. Tapioca flour add structure into products. People could not taste tapioca favor in the baking goods.

Example: Gluten-Free European Apple Cakes

RECIPE RETRIEVED FROM:        09/22/2015

This recipe use tapioca flour to replace starch in the recipe.

4.Oat flour: It is ground meal that is produces from oats. Oat flour promotes the retention of moisture, prolonging the product shelf life. In fact, oat fiber can absorb seven times its weight in water. It provide structure for the baked goods often combine with others to replace wheat flour in the recipe. Oat flour has strong favour in the products

Example: Chocolate Dipped Oatmeal Cookies


In this recipe oat flour replace the bread four.

  1. Coconut flour: It is soft flour produce from dried coconut meat. This rich in protein, fiber and fat which make clumpy texture. Coconut flour just can absorb small amount of water. When you add coconut flour into your recipe, it need more egg to combine with other ingredients. Coconut flour has light and fluffy texture and produces tender baked goods. Coconut Flour is used in gravy as thickener, used as chocolate fillers or bulking agents and also used for emulsified products, such as meat loaf and sausages.

Last sentence retrieved from

Example: Banana Bread

RECIPE RETRIEVED FROM:             09/22/2015

  • In this recipe coconut flour used as thickener.

Right now, I would like to discuss mixing method. There are 3 kind of methods often use in gluten products. The first one is straight dough method. The  second one is creaming method. The last one is foam method. More important do not over mix your dough. On the end of my research I will introduce 5 really good websites for you.

  1. Provide at minimum of 5 resources used in researching this topic. Ensure that all the hyper-links used are working if using websites and explain why you chose this cite.


The website I use for research has a lot of resources for gluten free information and picture. It easy to understand the read. This websites that I provide have another information relate to the baking know ledges.